Friday, 13 March 2009

The Power of Your Beliefs

It is really amazing what you learn about yourself when you actually take the time to listen. I have heard the experts talk about beliefs, and how your beliefs about yourself shape the foundation of you life, but until you really start to take stock, and get rid of the constant mind chatter and let your real self speak you are blind to it.

The other week, I talked about how these opportunities have started to present themselves and how much happier I feel and how many people have mentioned this. I have put more focus into this, standing guard to the doors of my mind, as Anthony Robins tells you to do, trying in vain to turn away the negative thoughts, more concentration has gone into this than I put into talking about shoes, bags and The Real Housewives of New York City, so a lot of effort as you can imagine.

Since my last post things have been strange, the fantastic opportunities are still presenting themselves, but also some worrying developments have been received with regards to my lack of money and failure to pay certain organizations. The money is very close to running out and this is where is gets weird, if I think slightly into the future, next month, the month after, things are great, all the projects are taking off, money is in and I am loving it, however, if I think to next week and just past that (I know this is a bit vague but it is how my mind makes the representation) I am frozen with fear about the money and I can not seem to get past that my thought process is about, lack, lack of money, lack of time, lack of clients, lack, lack, lack.......

This is the conflict and where my beliefs come into play. Your beliefs are learnt behaviors, so I have learnt and developed a very brilliant strategy with regards to worrying about lack of money, I do this so well I don't need to think about it, it just plays its self, I don't question how I do it, I just know how. It is so clever than even when I stand guard at the doors of my mind it sneaks past and it is not until I have been playing my strategy for a period of time I recognize that I have been doing it, it referred to as unconscious competence, My lack of money belief is so strong and well developed, it is the same as if you gave me a knife and fork, I would not question how to sit at plate of food and use these utensils. I have been practicing this since I was two years old, it is just natural to be now, in same way I practiced worrying about money probably even before I had any, you could say it was inherited.

It takes a while to understand your beliefs, because want you want is often different, many people would say that they want to be wealthy but there current money situation is a good indication of their true beliefs. So you have to dig deep, but once you do know what can you do about it. Really this comes to your own strength of mind.

Since writing this blog, I have been incredibly disciplined in certain areas, especially since finishing work, so on a daily basis, I follow a process of tapping (EFT, which I will go into in a later posting), I meditate (badly) but I do it even if I get just able to quiet my mind for a minute. One of the reasons I make the effort to meditate, even though I struggle with it, is that I was struck by something that was quoted in
The Secret, where it was said that without exception all contributors and experts to the book meditated on a daily basis, so I figured if it works for them it has got to work for me. I also write a gratitude diary, every evening, which I actually find really helps because I look for things during the day to be thankful for, so if someone is even remotely kind and generous or the mail man brings nice mail, it goes in the diary, just anything I can say thank you for. I spend five minutes just visualizing everything going exactly how I want it to go, I have a hypnosis CD that I listen to daily which is very powerful called
How To Be A Money Magnet, which really helps to quiet my conscious mind and get in touch with my unconscious mind, also something which helps to turn my thinking, is a product that I have talked about before and that is Bob Doyle's Wealth Beyond Reason which I find quite motivating and as I go about my day, I play on my ipod, because it just engrains into me that my thinking affects my life.

It is working, without a doubt because I am able to be happy, where as before I know, I would have sat racked with fear and made the situation worse. However, it takes practice, a lot of practice, but I am going to keep going. I was panicked the other day because ten years ago I was in the same position which just shows you the power of your beliefs and how they create the patterns of your life, and I was becoming quite sad because I felt that for all the hard work and sacrifice I have made I don't seem to have moved on, but I have and the difference this time is that I know better. Before, I thought I was at the mercy of outside influences and only good luck would help me, but now I know that I control everything so even in this time of doom and gloom and talk of a depression, I know that I am going to be a success, it may hairy for a few weeks but I am not going to go down, I am not giving up all that I have, materially, physically, mentally or spiritually. I decide, not a politician, not a corporation or any other organization that could take me down, that is not going to happen, only I create my next moments. 

Sunday, 8 March 2009

It's Working

In my last posting I talked about how I had finally answered a question about the law of attraction and how I could attract money when all evidence was to the contrary in my life and it seems to be working. Although, when I think about it, I need to stop saying that, the law of attraction is always working it is just that I seem to only give it credit when something is going well for me.

Anyway, I have been working diligently since my original posting to try and change my negative thinking patterns to those of a more positive leaning, so I always complete a gratitude journal, I use a process call EFT (more about that in another blog), I am listening to a hypnosis CD about attracting abundance, I visualize and meditate and I try and listen to my Bob Doyle, Wealth Beyond Reason once a day and it is really paying off.

Whilst I still have moments of complete panic because I have no idea where the money is going to come from and it is starting to run out fast, I do it less and am able to pull myself out of the negative thinking a lot quicker and I must be given off a different aura, as several people have commented on how happy I seem.

However, I really noticed it the other day when I went to a business club, of which I have been a member for over three years. I have never picked up any business from this meeting before because whilst I have been trying to set up my business, I have always had another job so did not really go with an attitude that it would work for me but last week whilst at the meeting, three people sought me out with potential business ideas, that is the first time and I already have meetings for this week set up.

I truly recommend that you check out the Wealth Beyond Reason or if you just want an introduction to the law of the attraction try Rhonda Byrne's The Secret

Where before I was completely panicked about everything now I am much calmer, deep down I truly believe everything is going to be alright, I just need the money, it just does not seem like some a huge task, I know it will come.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Finally I Get It

Well the time has come, I have now left work and the extent of my debt is staring me in the face. I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction, I like the most of the world have read The Secret, but in certain areas it left me with more questions than it answered. For example, in my situation, how do I attract money and abundance into my life, when on a daily basis I am reminded that I am not wealthy or have anything close to abundance, this is a physical manifestation and a constant noise in my head, a constant chatter about, how I am going to pay the bills, how am I going to get out of this, how, how how?

All these thoughts and visions surround me then it leads me back, as always, to my constant companion, Anxiety, the loop therefore continues. I may have mentioned it before but I do think about lack of, a lot, lack of money, lack of time, lack of knowledge and even with a basic knowledge of the law of attraction, you know that when you think and feel lack of, then you get lack of. It makes sense, but how do you stop thinking about lack of when it stares you in the face, the loop continues.

Then the answer came to me in David Cameron's & Bob Doyle's, who contributed to The Secret, Wealth Beyond Reason. As part of a program, I received a set of MP3s to download and had been listening to them for a few days and then on a cold winter's morning, stood waiting for a train, there it was just a simple sentence. The program said, don't look to what is on the outside because, what is happening in your world now is as a result of thoughts gone by, but look within side yourself and believe that you are wealthy now, that was all I needed.

However, I listened to the Wealth Beyond Reason with more intensity and realized that it is crammed with valuable information about how you should be thinking, feeling and acting to create the life you want. To put it in context, The Secret is pre school, Wealth Beyond Reason is senior year high school. It has completely turned around the way I act within my life. Watch this spot so I can update you on turning my life around.

Listen to Bob talk about the Law of Attraction here