Tuesday, 3 February 2009

One Last Whine

Ok, I realize that my last two post have been rambling and self indulgent and that is not the purpose of this blog, the objective is to give you an insight into the techniques that I am using to turn my life around which so far has not gone to plan but will you allow me one last whine?

In my last post I wrote that I had been informed that my contract will not be renewed, the reason they gave was that a few programs had been canned and therefore, there was not enough work. So get my surprise today as I surfed the job boards, whilst I know I stated that this is plan B, tick tock tick tock, the calendar keeps moving, anyway back to the point, I found my job being advertised.

Now at first, and this is the real reason for this post, I was incredibly indignant, I was going storm and have a go about how they were not honest with me and how humiliating it is, but as I been working to turn my life around, I am starting learn and take things in, one of the components that seems to smack me round the head each day is that I have manifested this, it is all my doing, I don't want to do the job or any other job like it, I did not do a good job, I turned up did the minimum and went home always on time and as much as I am just a breath away from becoming a dribbling wreck of worry and anxiety about my finances it is the right thing. In level head moments, I know this is what I wanted the only thing and it is small things is to get the money.

I am working hard each day to ingrain in myself that it is as easy to manifest a million dollars than it is to attract one dollar. I am doing all I can to believe, despite all the physical evidence that presents itself, (again I recognize with my constant worry and believes of lack that I am doing this to myself), that I am rich now.

Anyway I promise in my next post no more whining I will give you positive details of a program that I have been listening obsessively

Onwards and upwards

Ann Y Noone

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